Who tf am I?

I'm a professional JavaScript developer. I've worked with small businesses and large businesses. Everyone from a small paint brush manufacturer in Wyoming to WalMart. The ideas I express here are my own. So, if you get mad about javascript things, then get mad at me.

If you need some assistance. I am available for part time, weekend, contract work.

Notes by me mostly for myself:

Migrating from CRA to Next

June 19, 2020

So I did it. I launched my side project. WHA? When I go to share this magnificant creation of mine on Facebook it just reads "React App" and…

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Resources I Use

September 12, 2019

Resources Blogs Dan Abramov Background Patterns iStore Toptal Hero Patterns Nova Pattern Patter Ninja Custom make patterns. Triaglify…

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How to Make a CSS Gradient

April 30, 2019

How to Make a CSS Gradient The super simple top to bottom gradient. Change the midpoint of the gradient. Change the direction of the…

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