This is more an instructional for me since I've had to setup a computer twice now so I'd rather not have to hunt down all these again.


Terminal Sugar

Colbalt2 for Hyper


  1. Edit your ~/.hyper.js config file vim ~/.hyper.js
  2. Add hyperterm-cobalt2-theme to your plugins array. Kinda like this:

    plugins: [
  3. Update the font

    fontFamily: '"Dank Mono", ...

    Cobalt2 for Zsh


  4. git clone
  5. cd Cobalt2-iterm
  6. cp cobalt2.zsh-theme ~/.oh-my-zsh/themes/
  7. cd ..
  8. vim ~/.zshrc
  9. Change the theme variable to ZSH_THEME="cobalt2"


  • Dank Mono
  • Powerline Fonts

    git clone
    cd fonts
    cd ..